Machining and finishing

The parts coming from the foundry on the Whylen conveyor are sorted according to part number. Core parts are separated from core residues on a frequency-loaded table and then checked by an employee.

The parts are then heated to over 900°C in a heat treatment unit. Thereby, a material structure is produced which can later be processed by us or by our customers.

Now the parts are freed from the extra material or flash found at the so-called mould separation line. This is done by means of fully automatic grinding machines that represent the modernisation of traditional bench grinders. Each of our components is ground according its own computer program, thus the high precision of the part is ensured. This process ensures a high quality and high quantity at the same time.

Our employees work in three shifts and always ensure that a perfect quality is delivered to the automatic grinding machines and bench grinders. The quality control is integrated in the production hall.

The parts then go into the blasting machine, where the surface texture required by the customer is produced by means of different blasting processes and abrasives. 

Finally, the parts are transported over the inspection conveyor where all parts are checked again before they are packed according to customer-specific requirements. Together with our partners we are able to deliver in wooden boxes to various specifications.

Goods ready for shipping are stored in the warehouse, from where the packaged material is loaded by forklift trucks onto lorries and shipped internationally.