Grey cast iron with flake graphite

(similar to EN-GJL 200-250 (EN 1561)
= old name: GG 20-25 (DIN 1691).

The micro-section shows the typical structure of our alloyed cast products from die cast moulds (reusable moulds).
A graphite formation can be observed as type D and E in the size 5 to 6 as per VDG leaflet P441.
Perlite is almost non-existent after annealing carbide decay.

The mechanical properties (measured on the component!) for a wall thickness
to 25 mm are:

Hardness: 165 - 205 HBW 5/750
tensile strength: 180 - 260 N/mm²

The hardness and tensile strength, can be customised to requirements within a given framework