Dear Reader,

welcome to FerroTec GmbH. We are your global partner for grey cast iron. Our technology is just about unique - our customers are worldwide. With over 2500 different articles we are firmly integrated in the market. Our proven parts are in daily use in millions of cars, lorries and agricultural machines, as well as in the heating industry.

Our material is extremely durable, it finds application under the most demanding conditions. Over the last 20 years, our quality has made us the largest supplier of clutch and brake components in Europe.

Our history and development is as follows:

FerroTec GmbH has been casting metal on the site for more than 66 years. A story of great economic importance for the city of Gifhorn and its surrounding communities. Casting first began 1952 under the Alfred Teves (ATE) company. Here, the production of brake and clutch parts was perfected. From clutch slave to clutch master cylinders, many hundreds of thousands of brake cylinders, callipers and pistons have been cast. Intensive research and development trimmed the versatility of casting to its highest level.

The FerroTec GmbH was founded in the year 1996 with an area of 50.000 m². The company was founded by several private shareholders. New technologies were adopted and new markets were developed. The demand for quality and high-value castings especially in the area of commercial vehicles such as lorries, tractors and construction machinery was steadily increasing. The production of components for compressed air systems, as well as hydraulic systems attracted several large investments.

In 2006, the smelting plant was completely modernised, and the halls were rebuilt - old halls were demolition. The new structures, together with the new crucible furnaces, increased the efficiency of the production process. At the same time, modernisation work was carried out on the casting carousels, annealing furnaces and blasting machines.

In 2010, the prototype department was re-structured. The facilities have been modernised and new processes introduced to make prototyping faster and more efficient. Among them, many new PC systems and milling machines have been introduced to optimised model making and mould production. The production of sample parts was thus significantly accelerated.

From 2014 our new investments increased efficiency. A new casting composition analyser and new tensile and compressive strength testing machines were added. It was followed by a new 5-axis CNC milling machine for prototyping. This met the requirements of our customers. We were able to deliver sample parts and replacement moulds on better commercial terms and in a shorter time.

In addition, optical measuring methods were introduced allowing 3D drawings to be created very quickly from sample parts. This system guarantees the dimensional stability of our products within the scope of control and quality.

The increase production demand in 2016 required the purchase of two new fully automatic grinding machines; the machines process castings 24 hours a day in a three-shift system. The machines have further increased the quality and quantity of our products.

In 2017, the core production was completely rebuilt. Since then, core production has been carried out with a new large computer-controlled fully automatic system. This investment was made inevitable by the rapidly increasing demand for products with cavities. So far, more than 600,000 cores have been produced on this new plant alone. In addition, investments were made in a new ERP system in order to further optimise processes.

In 2018 we entered the oil burner industry, supplying high-quality blanks for pump production. Due to the increasing demand for our products, two more fully automatic grinding machines were commissioned in the summer and have recently been in operation in a 24 hours, 3-shift system.

In the coming years we will continue to invest and shape the future together with our customers. We the FerroTec GmbH are proud of our performance and look forward to the exciting tasks and the challenges that await us in the future.