Dear Customer,

we have put together some introductory information for you. It goes without saying that we would like to support you by offering you guidance and that you can be always reached us by telephone.

You can reach our Managing Director, Mr. Thomas Stefani at the telephone number

+49 (0)5371 / 816110

He can answer your questions and give you information regarding materials, technology and use. Basic information regarding material can also be found on our website by clicking the the tab: Material.

You can also make initial contact by email. Please send us an email with your request and your contact details:

You can use email to send us all the important information that we list below, or you can use email for a general request. We respond from Mon to Fri within 24 hours. Communication takes place in German or English.

For a production order or for the production of sample parts, we need the following information in advance.

Technical drawing

Drawings can be sent to us as 2D or 3D files. After considering the drawing we can decide how the gravity die mould (casting mould) must be built. This includes in particular the position of the mould separation line and the component weight. In addition, we determine the individual zones with respect to heat transfer through the mould.

Sample parts

If you do not have a technical drawing, we can also create the necessary documents ourselves using a sample part. Please attach a short cover letter to the package or inform us in advance via email about the shipment. Please send the sample part to:

FerroTec GmbH

Development Dept.
Eyßelheideweg 12
D - 38518 Gifhorn

On the basis of the supplied sample parts we create a technical drawing including the weight of the component, in as far as these are not available. Sample parts created by us have been completed in the research and development department and manufactured according to the given specification and tested in our laboratory. We are pleased to validate quality through an externally commissioned laboratory (if an external report is required, please explicitly request this).

Quantities and pieces per delivery (offer)

If your request is for the production of sample parts, please give us the required quantity. Before we can submit our offer, in addition to the quantity of samples we also need an indication of the annual quantity required, ideally split into the monthly requirement.


Prices are based on the given annual quantities, the weight of the parts and whether a core mould must be produced for the parts (for components with cavities). Packaging costs are to be agreed case-by-case; from our side all packing systems are available. Empties and/or packaging material can also be provided by the customer.

Data exchange

The data can be sent to us by email, by post or by fax to:

+49 (0)5371 / 816114


After you have sent us all necessary data, you will be sent an offer within 48 hours. Please indicate how you would like to receive the offer. This is usually by email or by post.

We look forward to working with you!