Quality begins in the mould

The mould forms the heart of our production. Since the foundry was founded in 1952, many thousands of hours have been invested in research and development. All our know-how and experience is collected in our database and is available on demand.

Because of this basis, we are pioneers in the development and design of gravity die moulds. The constantly available knowledge from our research guarantees that we produce moulds of the highest standard.

Using modern 3 and 5 axis CNC milling machines, precision moulds are produced in a very short time, with a high surface quality. Thanks to special materials, we can specifically control the process that results from the effect of heat.

The surfaces are further treated with specially developed coatings. Thereby wear is reduced and the resulting casting is improved further. The combination of our technical manufacturing processes and experience guarantee our customers the best castings.

CNC Fräse